Christian Engelke

owner, web- & product design, NPF certified sea kayak guide


Since his first vacation to Norway Christian has suffered severely under the quite widespread “scandinavia-fever”. He has been exploring both the mountains and coastal regions of Norway, Sweden and Greenland by feet, on skis and in his kayak.


2008, studying engineering, Christian moved to Svalbard. After nearly three unforgettable years with many personal adventures and experiences as a guide at 78 degrees North, he moved «down South» to Tromsø in Northern Norway.

Since 2009 Christian is working as a freelance guide, both on daytrips and longer tours all year around. He also works as a guide and expedition leader on expedition cruise vessels in Greenland, Spitsbergen and Antarctica.


In addition, Christian is a certified sea kayak instructor (NPF Turleder).

His speciality are long kayak trips he is offering in the East Greenland Tasiilaq district,

and in Tromsø since 2010.

Christian speaks fluently German, Norwegian and English.

Lea Ponzle

web- & product design

sea kayak assistant

Bjørn Eines

owner of Bjørnskajakk provides the kayak equipment

Kjetil Nielsen

NPF Veileder - certified

sea kayak instructor


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